Free Online Janam Kundali


Uses of the Janam Kundali

Strengths and Weaknesses: As for one of the major purposes of obtaining a janam kundali, it is necessary to note that such a chart is used to provide an understanding of a person’s strengths and weaknesses and his or her character. The relationships between the planetary constellations defined by astrology help to determine all aspects of a person’s character – from the emotional point of view to limited intellectual abilities or spiritual development, everything can be understood with the free online kundali.

The Course of Life

Janam Kundli is also used in foretelling future events and future courses of life as well as patterns. These birth charts are employed by the Vedic astrologers to anticipate the problems and prospects in different areas of life including, business, marital, and physical well-being. This more or less predictive aspect largely helps people make the right major life choices and plan for possible challenges.

The Correct Partner: Moving onto social life, janam kundalis and the free online kundali are extensively used for selecting the right partner for marriage. Some of the traditions are still in practice in different parts of India, such as kundali matching or gun Milan, which involves the comparison of the two individuals’ birth charts. It is the process that is used to determine the compatibility of the two individuals, as well as their proposed marriage undertakings.

Auspicious Dates:

The janam kundali is also employed for deciding favorable dates and times for critical occasions or rituals. This procedure is known as muhurta where favorable timing is selected for any venture like commencement of a business, or shifting to a new house.

Business Use: The business world has also experienced applications of the free online kundali. It is not a secret that some modern businessmen as well as large companies turn to Vedic astrologers to decide on the best time for a new product release, contract signing, or any major business move.